Wednesday 14 August 2013

No To Cat And Dog Meat

No To Dog Meat Main Site

It seems that Some nations still behave in barbaric ways.
They seem to get off on abusing, torturing and eating "Mans Best Friend" The Dog and "Mans Other Best Friend" The cat.

These "Pets" as that's what they really are to the rest of the developed world and some less developed countries. Are intelligent loving and loyal. Imagine the utter fear and sadness they must feel with what these East Asian Thugs and Bully's who only care about a quick profit, are doing to them and Will do to them.
Lets not forget that they eat monkey brain while they are alive, they treat most animals with no care or respect.
But what do you expect from Countries who do not respect Human Rights of any kind.

The sad thing is. These countries have so much beauty and so much to offer. If Only they could move into the modern world.

Remember, the way you treat your animals is a sign of how you treat people.

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