Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Treatment 1 Done

Well, it felt weird, Painful to start with.
First there was the chats, the blood tests and so on.
The Next day, taken down to the Unit for the treatment.
4 Local anaesthetics then 3 Deeper local anaesthetics as the artery had to be numbed.

These hurt, well stung. Then they have to make a small Cut to insert a small tube.
It's an eye opener to see your Blood Pumping into the air till the tube is inserted.
Then they put in a hollow wire and scan as it is moved through the artery.
Then a wave of heat hits your back and sides as a die is pumped in.
The probing and machine movements goes on. Then the instructions for breath holds and
so on come and go.
They then find the feeders to the tumour. Once they agree on where to block the blood supplies to the tumour, they insert the blockers.

Back on the ward, I have to lay flat for a few hours, then I can propped up for another few hours before I can move around again.

The area that this all happens is the groin artery, so imagine how awkward it is after.
But there is still the stabbing pains now and then. The tumour will have a dig know doubt.

But it's all to stunt the cancers growth while on the Transplant List.

And waiting for a Liver Transplant can be Days/Weeks/Months even over a year.

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