Tuesday, 19 August 2014

On My Mind

I was thinking if I should re-install Neverwinter Nights OC again, as I had gigs of stuff on my drive that died, ie; Some excellent Mods and so on, or, hold on till October for DA 3, Now THAT is a game I have been waiting for.
Will The New Witcher 3 Come with a Save maker ? ie; Some of us lost all our saves from 1 and 2. So, setting up 3 with our previous choices needs to be done.
I know a lot of us were angry at the way Bioware/EA(Who I feel are the main culprits) finished ME 3. It was not based on choices throughout the series, it was the Deus Ex 1,2,3 choice, which they said It would not be. but what are they going to do for ME 4 ? My Shepard was still breathing.

Since when did being on the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) Mean that Companies can call you ? The Law is THEY Cant. I don't want Solar Power/A Gas Boiler/PPI/or Had an Accident in the last couple of Years,,, FUCK OFF.

Football Season is Back Yeeessss And Spurs Beat the Spammers, that burst their bubbles. COYS

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