Sunday, 22 October 2017

Been a While

Well, been playing a lot of games, ME Andromeda, SWTOR, DA Inquisition.
And the previous versions.
And lately rediscovered Neverwinter Nights OC. I missed that, the mods for that are still going and
some are brilliant still. In truth, many of the OC mods couldn't be done in later games, though DA:O
maybe could ? I'm not sure due to the Scripting.

It's pissed me Off with the Screw up by Bioware with ME Andromeda. It's a good game that was released to early as it was not finished. Now MOST bugs are fixed (There are still some, like the freezing, save corruption) the game is good with a lot of potential. I feel a lot of the negativity is because it's not Shepard.

SWTOR,,, hmmmm. I stopped last year when they Nerfed the Companions BADLY. I gave it a while
and checked every so often as to how things were. I went back in March and it's ok. Though the latest stuff like Iokath and Umbra I don't like. It's as if they have forgotten all that's go on and shoved in a few Ops. We want story, our companions back and get back to what Star Wars is about.
The thing that bugs a lot of us is, we have been changed, but where are our New abilities ? we are supposed to be more powerful, where is the evidence ? our strength/health and so on don't change.

DA. Bioware have lost a couple of top people sadly. Though Hudson is back, we HOPE he can
sort this Mass Effect mess out, and Keep Dragon Age on course. Lets hope they don't fuck up
Dragon Age like they did Mass Effect as Bioware WONT survive another backlash like that.

Onwards :)

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