Sunday, 5 July 2015

DAI And Witcher 3


What a game.
Beautiful, stunning graphics and game play along with Open World.
The Sky Does Change and is never the same, the sea is the same.
The weather is also random.
I'll say it now. DA:O was the best GAME of the set so far, though not as graphical or pretty, DA 2
Wasn't a bad game, but the Over use of areas was awful and not enough thought went into interiors.
It was graphically better than the 1st but the story was not going to match the 1st in any way.

Now then. YES the first 2 games have a bearing on this 3rd part. But the Keep does let you chop and change to play with different world states. You can go to Youtube Dragon Age Keep Vid To Learn about The Keep if you haven't played DA:O or DA2 so to get familiar with it.

I do like a lot of what is in DA:I and the DLC ain't bad. But I feel the relationships, ie; Love Interests could be better as was the first games. I think Bioware set a Bar there and are now used to judge many other games now. Leliana and Morrigan romances were pretty good and some of the banter was great. I cant comment on any of the other romances but many sites rave about the others.

There may be more DLC and, it seems, a 4th DA in the works. You do have a huge influence on the world in this game, so just be sure that what you want is what you end up with.
Save Often, and I MEAN often.
Oh there are some nice Mods out so go check on The Nexus Remember to read each mods instructions. You'll also find mods for the earlier Games to.

Verdict: Great Fun and Fabulous graphics (On A High level card)

Ok,, On To.....

Witcher 3

Now then,,, This game is awesome.

It's as pretty as DA:I it has all the similar things as DA:I in sky and sea and weather. BUT,,,
Hair and Beards GROW. So you need to see a Barber often.

The fighting is better, the storage is still shit, all the usual stuff is there, but the in-game game is different but it is fun and it's called Gwent.
You can still craft and concoct, but a new thing is,,, auto path while on your horse.
There is also a new character, she's great, you get to play her but it's only in the story sadly, as I'd love to do a play through as her but not as Gerult's story but her own.
Ciri is what you make of her when you play as her and when you have choices as Geralt. You, as Geralat, determine her role in the World by your In-Game decisions, even down to if she lives or dies and how she relates to Geralt.

The main disappointment for me was the Lack of time with Triss. I chose Triss twice as my LI and Yennefer once. Yes, Yennefer mellows when you lock her in as your LI but Triss Loves Geralt unconditionally. Yes she knew all about Geralt and Yenn but not 1 Sorceress thought Geralt should put up with the way she treated him, and they do tell him. And as Triss has said through the games that Yenn was a bitch to him. No You don't get the full frontal Triss, or, to that matter, any girl this time. Though that Triss full frontal is still highly viewed on the web to date.

The Big thing about CD Projekt Red is the DLC give away. They remember that little items are free, big gameplay add on's that add quests and hours of play are what you charge for.
They have already released a lot of free DLC's
The paid for stuff is nearly ready for release and looks huge.

So a HUGE thumbs up to CD Projekt RED for supporting their fans and remembering that they Play Their Games.

Verdict: Maximum Fun and Fabulous graphics (Powerful Card Recommended IF you want it to look great or higher)

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