Thursday 23 July 2015

NEW Mass Effect !!! SWTOR Gets Back to STORY at Last...

ME Andromeda

This REALLY looks great.
New Galaxy
New Mako
New Companions
Sadly Nothing To Do With Shep
Your a NEW Ass Kicking N7
No Normandy :(
New Aliens
Some Old and New Tech.

You can Check GamerMD83 or Ashe on Youtube for the Vids or even Bioware's Feeds.

There are a lot of questions as to how they got there, where do you start, can you communicate with Earth, what races are with you apart from a Krogan, who are the doom bringers ? Us or the Aliens we come across.

It certainly has caused a clamour to know more.

Lets Hope it IS as good, if Not Better Than our beloved Mass Effect with Shepard.

Fallen Empire

I love SWTOR,, But,, you hit level 50 and Class Story Ends,, You Love Interest had finished poorly in my view,, 3 emails ?? and they revert to a companion again, as far as I am concerned, and I know many agree, it was done poorly.

Many wanted MORE story, but all we got was more Flash points and PvP crap. Yes Revan is a story but you have to do a load of Flash Points to get there. Then it's area to area. I know, I have to do it on Rep and Imp Just to say I did it. Besides, I really need to get to Lana :p

Ashe and GamerMD83 are doing a monthly youtube item on this New Story Below. I do suggest you watch it.
The Main Trailer is Below
This WILL wet your appetite for More.
Also,, you can use my Refer Reference

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